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Resources for a New Approach to Cancer Support

When faced with a potential cancer diagnosis, people and their families often feel helpless and overwhelmed. It is the beginning of an unexpected, stressful, and complex health journey. Too often, they lack the information, education, tools, and support needed to navigate the path ahead. People need a support system they can hold on to throughout diagnosis, potential treatment options and even more importantly, answers for day-to-day questions and issues. 

Explore our resources below to learn more about how Summus can support members at all points in their cancer journey. 

"Being able to access one of the best doctors in the world on my specific disease mattered. I immediately stopped thinking about cancer every morning and every night. Thank you."

Summus Oncology: A Personalized Virtual Support Model for Cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming and often marks the start of a complex health journey. Summus Oncology provides personalized expert advice, tools, and education to members and their families at every stage — from diagnosis and clinical trial options to remission. Watch how Summus Oncology is transforming the cancer journey.


Summus Oncology Overview

We provide support for people facing a cancer diagnosis themselves, or for a family member, through virtual access to nationally renowned physicians and other care providers. From the first inquiry through our platform, our expert multidisciplinary team helps each family build and follow a comprehensive roadmap for every step of their cancer journey. 

Summus Oncology: A longitudinal journey
Summus Oncology Overview PDF

Understanding Cancer Diagnoses and Treatment Options

More than a million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming and impacts not just the person with cancer, but their family, friends, and colleagues. Knowing what questions to ask about treatment and ways to provide support can make all the difference.

In this two-part video series, Mary Mulcare, MD, Summus Chief Medical Officer:

  • Part 1: Mary demystifies the process associated with a cancer diagnosis and explains what patients facing a cancer diagnosis can and should do to better understand their cancer and next steps for treatment. 
  • Part 2: Mary shares questions to consider when evaluating treatment options, regardless of the type of cancer. Dr. Mulcare also shares the story of a member recently diagnosed with cancer and the complexities associated with the member’s journey.

Summus Oncology

Our discussion features Summus Chief Medical Officer, Mary Mulcare, MD, and Summus Co-founder, Jen Kherani, MD, along with two Summus members (and employees), Max Courington and Lindsey Forsyth. Together they'll explore the unique ways that people facing a cancer diagnosis benefit from personalized support, guidance, and education throughout their journey.

Beyond BRCA: Understanding Genetic Risks for Breast Cancer

Learn more about the BRCA gene, who should pursue BRCA testing or other types of genetic testing, and how understanding genetics can prevent different cancers. This Summus Session features Mary Mulcare, MD, Summus Chief Medical Officer, and Julia Smith, MD, PhD, Clinical Director of Cancer Screening Program and Medical Oncologist at Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center within NYU Langone Medical Center. 

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